I am currently in my senior year of my social work program. My strong drive for social justice has led me to starting this blog. For this reason, my blog will also take a social justice perspective on animal oppression. As you can probably guess, I became vegan to help end violence against animals. I made this decision in 2009. It wasn’t until 3 years later that I entered the vegan/animal liberation community. At first, I was super excited to meet people that wanted animal liberation as much as I did. But, it didn’t take much time to notice the lack of diversity and inclusivity in the movement. So after 3 years in the animal liberation movement, I finally decided to start Woke Vegana! And am super excited about it!

It is incredibly important for the animal liberation movement to be inclusive for many reasons but I will just go through a few. The first is because we are a movement made up of allies and if we want to create more allies we have to create a movement that is safe, inclusive and diverse, for everyone. Like Apho Ko and Syl Ko say, if we don’t we will recreate the same oppressive structures that are keeping non-human animals down in the animal liberation movement. The third is because people from marginalized groups are more likely to get understand animal oppression more than those in privileged groups. Lastly, it is a social justice issue movement and needs to be treated as such. In most social justice movements there tends to be some focus on intersectionality and so we need to do the same when it comes to the animal liberation movement.