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I am working to create a world where humans and animals are free from violence and oppression. But, the animal rights movement lacks diversity and inclusivity and needs to be radicalized. I have personally experienced racism and sexism within it and do not want anyone else to experience that pain. For these reasons, I have decided to start this blog. I will be discussing various topics such as minimalism, freeganism, sex work, zero waste, feminism, social injustices, racism, decolonization, dumpster diving, moneyless societies, and more!

I started doing activism at an early age. At 14, I participated in my first protest in opposition to the war in Afghanistan. Then, at 16, I organized my first protest against a local KFC to raise awareness about the violence against animals. As I grew older, I continued to help animals with their quest for liberation by openly rescuing them from places of violence, by building an activist community, and by doing advocacy to amplify their voices. In addition to animal liberation work, I have participated in various activist events pertaining to prison abolition, police brutality, undocumented rights, gentrification, and women’s rights. All of this activism has led me to a career path in social work where I plan to work at a macro level. My goal is to be able to create and implement policies that will improve the lives of the most marginalized in our society.

Currently, my social media platforms serve as spaces for marginalized voices to be amplified and where allies can learn from us. It also serves as a space for nonvegans to learn about animal oppression and speciesism. I started my social media platforms on August 13th, 2017, and since then I have gained more than 30,000 followers. I am, however, always striving to gain more followers to spread the word about various injustices and actions that people can take. In the end, the ultimate goal is to achieve the total liberation of humans, animals, and Earth.

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